Kayaking Plus Kite Festival

Nov. 7th, 2010

First, here's a few shots of Rick and his new kayak.

The big boat on the left has a home port of New Orleans.
It looks like one of those old, restored wooden boats.

Takes a little getting used to, but it was no problem.

These were shot across the street from our site. I paddled out to the bay, about a mile from the boat ramp at the RV park. For some reason there's always a good current in the canal where it narrows by the bridge. According to the GPS, the current was running 3 MPH that day. It wasn't bad paddling against it, but one sure couldn't stop paddling!

Made it a little bit into the bay and stopped to just relax and enjoy. Then saw this MONSTER surface about 5 ft. away! I realized it was a huge turtle. Glad the kayak is yellow/orange and not green. That sucker could have bit it in half and ate it.

And now some shots from the South Padre Island Kite Festival:

Yes, the big orange fish kite is as big as it looks!

The "ring" is about 12 feet in diameter.