Lake Bistineau State Park


We decided to loop back though Louisiana instead of going straight to Galveston. Cathy has to renew her driver's license and the Caravan was due for inspection in August. So we made reservations at four Louisiana State parks for the month of July.

First stop, Lake Bistineau State Park.

A very nice spot, with a big wooden deck at our door, picnic table, barbeque pit, etc.

But no lake! It seems the lake had become overgrown with vegetation and they drained the whole thing to try to kill it off. One of the rangers said it had looked like a golf course before they drained it. Now it was a lake of tall grass.

Still a nice place though, with lots of room to our next door neighbor.

The only problem is the site was not near level - the back wheels were a whole foot below the front. First try the jacks lifted the rear tires enough for Valkyrie to lose traction and "fall" off the jacks. Oh man! We were afraid they had been damaged, but they were okay. The leveler manual says that won't hurt them, "in most cases".

Valkyrie has a leveler system. One just works a joystick to get level without havi
ng to go outside. Four hydralic jacks come down and do the job.

We made a Walmart run and picked up some of those plastic chocks. We drove our rear wheels on our "Leggo" type ramp things and was able to level out with no more heart stopping events.

We were sitting outside, enjoying life when Cathy spotted a deer! Kind of hard to get a decent picture with all the trees and stuff, but here it is.

The other wildlife were hundreds of long-legged spiders around the Comfort Station - Restrooms, showers laundry.