Lake Fork, Texas


Jack and Judy

We headed out for  Cathy's sister in Jena, LA. Well, actually it's Good Pine, LA, but all the map programs and GPS would only find it in Trout, LA. Now, are we all confused yet? Anyway, we spent a great few days with Judy
and Jack, parked in front of their house.

Our Dodge Caravan went on the tow dolly easily and follows us faithfully with no problems. Heck, if not for the backup camera I wouldn't know it was even there. Doesn't drive or handle any differently at all.


Next stop was Fisherman's Cove Marina, RV Park, Motel, Restaurant, Country Store and Bar on Lake Fork at Alba, TX. Looks like they have it all covered.

We spent a month there and decompressed, and had great weekend visits with Myrtle and David.

Cathy started having a problem with her right knee, hurting and limping. Then it "went out". We went to a doctor and she said it looked like a "blown knee" and talked surgery. She sentLake Fork
us for X-rays and said to buy a knee imobolizer brace and crutches. The next day we got the results of the X-rays and turned out it was arthritis inflamation. While not a good thing, this is a less worse thing. She does have arthritis in her back from her back surgery and has dealt with occasional inflammation from that. The doctor prescribed Celebrex to be used for a limited time. Aftera few weeks it's much better, but it did cut out the trail walking we wanted to do.

About a week before we left, the fan quit on the living room A/C. The bearings, or bushings, were shot. Lots of play in the shaft. I could play with it and it would work for a while.

Rather than replace the fan, it seemed smarter to replace the whole unit. The local RV dealer had to order one, but assured us it would be in before we left. For an extra 50 bucks they said they'ed come to us to install it.

We followed Myrtle and David home and spent a great few days there.

We had some tense moments, not hearing about the A/C, but finally found out there wasn't one in the normal Texas places, that it was coming from Indiana. Again we were assured it would be here in time. Turned out it made it and it was installed with no hitch. We had ordered a larger one, the largest available, since the old one couldn't quite keep up in the sunny 100 degree heat. The new one does the job!

Some shots of the lake around Fisherman's Cove.


We heard the lake at Tyler Texas State Park was clear so we made a day trip to the "beach" there.
Tyler State Park Beach

Some "beach", huh?


It wasn't all that clear, visibility was about 6 feet, but it was enjoyable. Lots of bream aro
und and a few nice bass.

We had clear skys the whole time, except the day we came here. Overcast with some rain. Go figure. It was very dark and erie about 15 feet down over the brown vegetation on the bottom. I kept seeing these shadows move by and had to remind myself I was not in salt water with the big ta-tais around.

Of couse, it could have been a big 'gator.....