North Toledo Bend State Park


Big lake here! The water is down about 4 feet, which kind of threw us at first. W
e're used to salt water and tides, and the water higher in the spring and summer with South winds blowing the water in, and lower in the fall on winter with North winds blowing the water out. But then it hit us that lakes go up with the winter rainy season and down with the spring dry.


No deck, but lots more space between neighbors, and a trail down to the lake.

We finally used our screened tent. Put it up over the picnic table and enjoyed some barbeque outdoors.

This site was even worse, level-wise, except that the front was lower. Even with the "Leggo" ramps and blocks under the front jacks, we couldn't get precisely level - 1/2 a bubble bow... er... front, down.

We really don't have to be level for us, we're used to heeling over 10 to 15 degrees, but the problem is the fridge. RV fridges work on an ammonia mix. They have to be less than 3 degrees side to side and 6 degrees back and forth to work properly. The big thing is if they're more than that, the fridge could be ruined. The mix has to be able to trickle down.

Spotted another deer on a return from a shopping trip in the van.

Also got an unwelcome guest. When we went to dump our gray water tank ( no sewer hookup at the parks), we saw some peanut shells and droppings in the tank compartment. At first we thought it was a squirrel. We have about a 6-inch cover we have to leave off to route the fresh water hose in and figured he/she climbed up the host.

I covered up the opening, but found more peanuts the next day. Found a cache of peanuts inside the outdoor shower compartment. The opening for the shower hose is small, so we're sure it's a mouse. I hosed the whole compartment out and we'll see.

Cathy's knee is doing much better, so hopefully we can explore the trails at our next stop - Chicot State Park.