Port Isabel, TX

October to ?, 2010

It's been a while since we've worked on the web page. Remember out intentions were to head to Corpus Christi from San Leon. We headed back to New Iberia the last week of August so Cathy could be with a very near and dear friend, almost a sister, who lost her husband to cancer.

We stayed at Bill and Jan's until the end of September, with intentions to do a lot of visiting. It just didn't seem to work out that way. Sorry guys!

Since it's about 630 miles from New Iberia to Port Isabel, we stopped at Lake Texana Texas State Park ( Click Here ).

It's more than halfway, 374 miles to be exact. So we decided to spend a couple nights and relax. Ain't in no hurry.

Here's the obligatory deer shots. A whole herd of them came out in the morning.

Couldn't get a picture, but a buck came trotting out and all the does joined him.

Later, we went walking and talked to a couple rangers. They mentioned a large buck they see every now and then. As we rounded the next curve, there he was! No camera.

Almost looks like a Sout' Loo-si-ana lake, doesn't it?

We got an early start, around 7ish at sunrise and had an uneventful run to Port Isabel.

Actually, this is from a postcard and is the view from the Padre Island Bridge.

Our "home" at the Port Isabel Park Center for a while. We're in one of the mobile home rows, third from the street and right across from the office.

The view across. Note the tall palm trees.

We have cactus and this cactus tree right behind us. We're told the                                 
tree cactus is very good to eat.
There's also papaya trees here and there.                       

What the heck is that? Looks like big cumquats , but we found out it's sour oranges. They said "REAL SOUR", don't even try.

                        Leave it to Cathy to find dolphins of some kind!                  Hey! We thought Sterling was in Key West!


Port Isabel is pretty small, 2.2 square miles.  We're sorta' in the middle and it's about a half mile to three quarters of a  mile to any end of town. The place the pictures were taken above is one of those Folrida type shells,
souvenirs and clothing places. They also have a neat little cafe inside with ice cream and smoothies. Same kind of place right across the street, but without the cafe.

The population is about 5,000. Don't know if that includes the "Winter Texans" at all the RV parks. We've done a lot of exploring by foot and found almost everyone is very friendly. They smile and wave driving by, and those walking or biking add in a greeting and maybe short conversation. From the Hispanics on the porch of the litte house to the little old blue-haired lady in the front yard of the three story mansion.

There's going to be a big do at the Lighthouse Museum Saturday the 8th. We're going to walk over and enjoy. There's also a City Museum and Treasure Museum tied into it. We're really looking forward to the Treasure one!

More pictures and stuff to come. Haven't had a chance to try out the inflatable boat yet, but will soon. Rick has got to get a kayak!

Almost everybody has asked, "Are there lots of Mexicans there?". Well yes; we're 8 miles from Mexico. About 21 miles to the nearest crossing. Here's the breakdown from the 2000 Census:

4,965 people. 79.67% White, 1.03% African American, 0.33% Native American, 0.25% Asian, 0.10% Pacific Islander, 15.54% from  other races, and 3.08% from two or more races. 74.39% of the population were Hispanic or Latino of any race.
Note: Hispanic ethnicity is a separate data category from race. This number should not be added to race totals.