Padre Island Sandcastle Days

Oct. 23rd, 2010

Make Plans to Come to the 23rd Annual Sandcastle Days!

Amateur and professional sand sculptors from all over the world descend on South Padre Island every year to create beautiful works of art using natural elements of the beach. The not-for-profit event showcases the artwork and an appreciation for the coastal environment, and donates to organizations helping to preserve it.

Masters of Sand - Twenty four of the best sand sculptors in the world will work their magic in Isla Blanca Park for three days on the shores of the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. This South Padre Island family festival has become one of the biggest and best international sand sculpture competitions in the United States!

We made our way to Isla Blanca County Park and the sandcastles. They are amazing! We were surprised no one seemed to be having trouble from the wind - it was blowing mid twenties with gusts up to mid thirties and more. Walking on the beach was like walking in a sand blaster.

We went Friday. It's Thursday through Sunday, with the big day being Saturday, but figured the weekend would be too crowded. Just saw some video from there and the whole beach is almost standing room only.

Here's some shots:




 This big one was being done by all the artists in thanks to the sponsors.


Truly awesome, aren't they?

Here's some other shots around the park:

This last one is the Brazos Santiago Pass, between South Padre Island and Brazos Island, going into the Brownsville Ship Channel.