Sam Houston Jones State Park


WOW! Look at the crowd!

The sites are much closer together than the other three parks, but still nice. However we ran right into a problem - The power/water poles seem to be a bit scattered around and one serves three sites.

We had to back about 7 feet off the pad to be able to plug in. Not a good thing if it rained, so we went searching for an extension cable.

We have 50 AMP 220 and a 30-ft. extension cord was about $160.00!!!! So we picked up a 30 AMP, 110 30-ft extension from WalMart for $42.00. We already had the 50 to 30 AMP adapter. The only difference is that we can't run both air conditioners at the same time. Not a problem, since we run the front one during the day and the rear one at night anyway.

So, we were able to get all six wheels back on the pad.

After getting settled in we went exploring. We found the Stagecoach Trail and tried a walk. We walked a bit over a mile and Cathy's knee didn't bother her at all. Needless to say we're both overjoyed!!

Each park we stopped at had deer and we got a shot or two of them. Well, this place is crawling with deer! They come out in the early morning and evening mostly and aren't skittish at all. One slowly walked up to Cathy and almost nuzzled her hand. So here's a bunch of pictures of the deer of Sam Houston Jones....