San Leon, Texas

August 2010

A couple of deer met us right outside the RV sites at Sam Houston Jones and escorted Valkyrie a little ways down the road to the park exit. It was an uneventful 150 mile trip to San Leon and Bay RV Park. Even I-10 wasn't bad except for the last few miles, where it got a bit crowded.

We got a little worried when we pulled in, though. The lady in the office gave us a blank look when we gave our name, told her we had a reservation and deposit. The lady and her husband, who we thought was the yard man, are the owners, and the manager had just left on a vacation. She admitted she was kind of lost.

The manager had left the info on a receipt that she eventually found and everything was okay..

We want to point out that they were great folks and very nice. They just don't normally handle the day to day operation and of course had no idea that we had made a reservation over a month before.



The manager had called last week to make sure we were coming and had said she was going to put us "in the back in the only shady spot", that the people there were leaving. We mentioned that and the lady figured out this was the spot.

There are a couple little bitty trees on each side. We pulled off a few branches backing in. Guess the one here before was lower. We have a strip of shade about three feet wide on one side in the morning and the other side in the afternoon.



We had to back up so our rear jacks were just on the concrete pad to be able to open the awning and miss the "shade trees".

We do have to mention that all the trees around here seem to be on the small side. Just hit us as funny, being used to the towering oaks and pines.


We made a quick run to Kemah, about 7 miles away, and had a nice visit with Niles. He's docked at a marina in Clear Lake. Which ain't clear at all.

The next day we rode out to Galveston. Lots of beach all along the beach road, with parking space alongside. There are a few nicer beaches here and there, with more sand. Every one of them has a $5 or $8 parking fee.

 We stopped at the Lone Star Aviation Museum. They had a lot of damage from Ike and didn't have all that much.

On thing that caught my eye was this 1941 Indian Four. My dad had one ages ago and it was one of his favorite motorcycles. He did say that it would tend to overheat and sieze up at high speeds.

I vaguely recall it and I'm sure pop's had leather saddlebags and a windshield.




We came back though Texas City and made our way toward the Texas City Dike. It goes out about 5 miles into Galveston Bay and was built in 1935 to prevent silt buildup.

Unfortunately it was damaged by Ike and is closed. They expect to have it open by Labor Day.



So we hung a left and drove along Skyline Drive and the seawall. A very nice area. It borders Bay St. Park all along the way.

Here's a replica of the used to be Halfmoon Shoal Lighthouse.

Very interesting sculpture made from flat metal.

By the way, the temperatures have been in the 100's, but the day of our sightseeing it was a bit cloudy and about 90. With the breeze off the Gulf and bay it was actually very comfy!




It really doesn't take much to make us

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