Back in Sout' Louisiana!

We left Port Isabel on March 28th and arrived at Cathy's Dad's farm near Abbeville on April 1st. Five days to make 649 Miles???? Kind of like sailing!

Actually, we split the trip, stopping for a couple nights at Lake Texana State Park in Texas and Sam Houston Jones State Park in Louisiana. Of course, with gas prices now, it took about $340 worth. YOW!!!!

We were originally to set up at the one vacant mobile home site, but Cathy's Dad bought another mobile home to put there. So, we set up next to the old dairy. The building behind us is one of the two barns. Actually, it's a great spot. Very secluded and private. There's a meter box at the dairy and we just had to put in a 30 Amp breaker and RV connector. Had to run 125 ft. of hose to the nearest water faucet. The only problem is no sewage. We can go 3 weeks to a month before dumping, but are thinking of getting one of those dump caddies. We can haul it a couple hundred feet to the nearest sewer.

A bit of trash around, but really not too bad.

That fence is for the back pasture, which goes back to the trees in the distance.
The cows come in behind us and to the left of the picture for the night, then mosey off in the morning.