The Change from Yacht to Land Yacht

We didn't want to, but we had to. Cathy suffered a back injury and unsuccessful surgery in the 90's. We were told a day would come when she couldn't handle the movement and such. We were hoping that day was years away, but it came at the end of March, 2010.

We were on an offshore passage from Pensacola to Panama City, FL, beating into 8 ft seas. As Cathy said, "The back brace, neck brace, Loritab and rum 'n' Coke did no good."

So the decision was made to return to Pensacola and try to sell S/V Valkyrie, then switch to a motorhome. Yes, we thought of and discussed all kinds of alternatives - Neither one of us wanted to lose our beloved floating home. The problem was she's not suited for "protected waters". Too deep a draft at 6-1/2 ft and too high a mast at 52 ft. That was why the offshore passage. There are 50 ft bridges (which can be 47 to 51 ft) after Pensacola. Even switching to another boat wouldn't help though. One still has to chance hours and days of rough seas unless one sticks to canals and bays, which really is not totally workable. The Bahamas and Caribbean are out. The clincher was taking a chance of further damage to Cathy's back.

I guess we were right. This June Cathy's knee "went out". The doctor thought she had "blown it" and needed surgery, but the X-rays showed
inflammation from arthritis. It's on the mend with medication, but she was on crutches for a couple weeks. That would have been fun on a boat!

So it was back to Pensacola and advertise S/V Valkyrie at a low price. We lucked out in that we had a buyer within a week, but it took him several weeks to be able to come down. He's a doctor from North Carolina and plans to do a circumnavigation in about a year. He really got a bargain, but under the circumstances we figure we're fine. It could have taken months or years, or even never, to get what she was worth.

We had been looking at motorhomes and now that we had cash in hand, the list was down to two. We waffled back and forth and leaned toward a 37 footer with a washer/dryer and ice maker. It looked pretty good but there was something about it that wasn't quite right. Buzz answered our doubts when he looked at it. The inside had been rebuilt and there was mold and mildew in the walls. Scratch that one!

We called number 2, this one, and met them at a lake campground so we "could see everything works". It looked like new inside and almost like new outside. The only thing outside is one kind of maroon stripe that has gotten shabby and all the stripes on the front from bugs and stuff I guess. It was obviously well taken care of. Cosmetically. I'll list the stuff we had to fix on another page, but suffice to say the guy and his wife did an excellent job of hiding the problems. No problem though. One has to expect to have some problems with anything and we're happy with our new RV Valkyrie!